Friday, August 2, 2002

Carson City Straw Hat Pizzas Honored For Quality

The owners and operators of two Carson City Straw Hat Pizza restaurants were awarded the 2002 Outstanding QSC (Quality, Service & Cleanliness) Award at the company’s annual convention in July. Pam & Randy Anderson, members of the Straw Hat Cooperative Corporation and a long-time owners of the Carson City Straw Hat restaurants, were presented this year’s award which recognizes achievement in serving a superior product that conforms to Straw Hat's recipes and standards, providing exceptional warm and friendly service to guests, and maintaining outstanding levels of cleanliness, sanitation and repair.

“We appreciate that Pam and Randy Anderson and their team do an outstanding job of representing the Straw Hat brand in Carson City,” said Lee Dubrow, SHCC Regional Director, “Straw Hat has enjoyed a reputation for serving great pizza in a clean, friendly, and fun environment for years. However, it takes dedication to our guests and a lot of due diligence to live up to that reputation. We’re very proud that the Andersons succeed in continuing a great tradition of Quality, Service and Cleanliness in both of their restaurants.”

In 1985, Pam Anderson purchased her first restaurant on North Carson Street serving Straw Hat’s genuine California crust pizza, oven-baked Hot Hat Sandwiches, and a bountiful fresh Salad Bar. The restaurant became a favorite with families, teens, teams, and people of all walks of life as Pam became involved with many activities supporting Carson’s schools, youth, and charities. In 1999, Pam and her husband Randy opened their second successful restaurant on Clearview Drive in South Carson, bringing Straw Hat Pizza’s great food to all of Carson City with walls filled with eclectic and fun d√©cor pieces of America’s favorite memories. In 2001, Pam and Randy were awarded Straw Hat’s Outstanding Marketing Award, which recognized their exceptional community based marketing efforts.

“I’m very honored to receive the QSC Award,” said Pam Anderson, “It’s nice to be acclaimed for doing something you enjoy, and even better to be singled out for recognition by a group of your peers. We will be proud to bring this award to Carson City and we look forward to continuing to serve Straw Hat’s guests in the best way we know how.”

[SHCC licenses members to operate nearly 50 Straw Hat Pizza locations in California & Nevada. The "Cooperative" is solely directed by its membership owners and has been called "the un-franchise, franchise." It provides the benefits of a franchise system, however, the Cooperativeís individual owners enjoy greater control, and corporate overhead is kept to a minimum, (about 1/3rd of the average franchise fee.)]

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