Wednesday, March 26, 2003


San Ramon, California, March 26, 2003 — The Straw Hat Pizza Cooperative has
won the 2003 Telly Award for its "Lounge Lizard" television conunercial. The
Telly Awards were founded in 1980 to showcase and give recognition to
outstanding non-network and cable commercials. With winning entries judged
against a high standard of excellence, the Telly has become one of the most
sought-after awards in the television commercial, video, and film industries.

The Telly Awards recognized Straw Hat's "Lounge Lizard" entry for its lighthearted
humor, creativity, and eye-catching quick pace. One in a string of
television spots produced by Next Marketing & Beard Boy Productions, the
commercial pokes fun at imposters and humorously highlights the regional pizza
chain's quality product and California pedigree.

"We're very honored to receive the Telly Award and all the positive attention"
said Kevyn Johnston, president of Next Marketing, "Straw Hat Pizza is a unique
and fun place, and we are pleased that that message came across in the ads. They
were as fun to make as they are to watch."

Joshua V. Richman, president and CEO of Straw Hat Pizza, said that the campaign
had been very successful in building awareness of the forty four-year-old family
dming concept. "We take pride in our marketing program, and we are delighted
that we've been recognized by the industry in this way," said Richman.
The spots are currently airing on broadcast stations and cable systems throughout
California and Nevada.

SHCC licenses members to operate nearly 50 Straw Hat Pizza locations in California & Nevada. The
"Cooperative" is solely directed by its membership owners and has been called "tlie un-franchise, franchise." It provides the benefits of a franchise system, however, the Cooperative's individual owners enjoy greater control, and corporate overhead is kept to a minimum, (about 1/3^'' of the average franchise fee.) For more information contact Joshua Richman at the Cooperative headquarters.

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