Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Famous Cartoon Cat Loves Straw Hat Pizza, (and Sleeping in, Guzzling Coffee, and Mauling the Mailman), will Star in New Marketing Campaign and Serve Up Family Fun.

Straw Hat Pizza, the original California Pizza since 1959, announced today it has licensed the famous Garfield cartoon character from cartoonist creator, Jim Davis and Paws, Inc., which will debut in Straw Hat Pizza restaurants and marketing materials in the months ahead.

“Garfield loves Straw Hat Pizza and he is loved by all generations from adults to kids, so he’s a perfect fit for our fun, family-friendly restaurant brand,” said Jonathan Fornaci, president, Straw Hat Pizza. Garfield will be incorporated into the 53 year old restaurant chain’s game rooms décor, the Straw Hat Pizza annual kid’s Valentine’s Day promotion, kid’s meals products and so much more. “Garfield also matches our Straw Hat Pizza fundraising and community relations mission with their focus on kids,” said Fornaci.

Recently, Straw Hat Pizza updated their décor package with a focus on expanding outside of California. Straw Hat Restaurants Inc (Straw Hat) has incorporated their original California style with messages and images into new wall murals to enhance the décor in new locations outside California. Straw Hat was looking for ideas to update the game rooms which are in almost every Straw Hat Pizza as well, and many people love Garfield the cat, and company representatives thought these brands would be perfect for each other! Straw Hat will use Garfield to invigorate the game room décor and kids materials for the brand.

Straw Hat Pizza has been making waves and fresh genuine California pizza since 1959.  Using California vine-ripened tomatoes and local produce, hand-shredded cheeses and dough fresh rolled daily, their pizza is fresh and delicious.  With a menu of Gourmet Masters Pizzas, Hot Hat™ Stuffed Sandwiches, and a forty-plus item garden fresh salad bar, guests have been enjoying the food as well as the family-friendly atmosphere for more than five decades.  Today, fifty-plus years later, Straw Hat Pizza is still making waves and Genuine California Pizza with the freshest ingredients. It’s not a trend; it’s a history as genuine as their California pizza.

Besides great pizza and the new partnership with Garfield, the fifty three year old company with 86 locations, is growing with new locations opening in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, Montana, Texas and Virginia. Growth plans are to reach 150 locations within two years. For more information please visit:strawhatpizza.com/contactus and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @StrawHatPizza.

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