Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Straw Hat Pizza Opens New Location in Visalia, CA

 After a 10 year gap, Straw Hat Pizza returns to Visalia, California

Visalia, CA, March 29, 2017:  Straw Hat Pizza, the original California Pizza since 1959, announced it opened a new location in Visalia, California.  The last Straw Hat Pizza in Visalia closed in 2007.  The new location is owned by Nasser Jiroudi who also operated the location in Lindsay, California until recently.    

“We’re excited to be back in Visalia,” said Nasser Jiroudi, “Straw Hat has done very well here in the past and we can’t wait for customers to see our new location.”  

The restaurant features an upbeat and eclectic d├ęcor, a clean and comfortable dining room, and a fresh salad bar. The location also offers delivery service and the ability to order online.  The new owner is excited to offer better convenience to local families. 

Straw Hat Pizza will be open for business to the public on March 29th, 2017.  Our operating hours are 11:00am until 10:00pm seven days a week.    

Straw Hat Pizza has been making waves and fresh genuine California pizza since 1959.  The pizza has a layered, crispy crust, the freshest toppings, zesty sauce made from fresh tomatoes, and a blend of California naturally aged cheeses. For more than 50 years Straw Hat has used only fresh local ingredients.  It’s not a trend; it’s a history as genuine as their California pizza. 

The fifty eight year old company is growing with plans to double the number of current locations within the next few years.   

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