Friday, May 30, 2008

Every Day is Pizza Day

Dishing It Up: Fun Facts about Pizza- The American Pie

In my house, with my kids, the hands-down favorite food is pizza. Whenever I ask if the kids want to order out, and what they want, the collective cry rings out from three bedrooms, or sometimes IM’d to me via computer: “PIZZA.”

So, to justify our family habit, I was thrilled when one of the Straw Hat Pizza owners sent over some fun facts about pizza that point to our family’s consumption and validate that we are just like every other American family (well, on the pizza front that is).

It’s no secret Americans think the secret to living a longer, healthier life is indulging daily in their favorite food – pizza. According to Parade Magazine, 94 percent of the population in the U.S. eats pizza.

But did you also know that Americans eat about 350 slices of pizza each second, or 100 acres of pizza a day?

Here are some interesting facts about pizza some of our Straw Hat pizzeria owners have collected.

Might be fun to serve some of these up to customers. Hey, being a bit of a pizza “food” snob is a healthy way to sell the fact that pizza shouldn’t be saved for special occasion and that every day is a good day to indulge in our favorite we-deserve-it food.

· 94% of the population of the U.S. eats pizza. (Source: Parade Magazine.)
· Pizza is a $30 billion industry.
· In the U.S., there are about 61,269 pizza parlors.
· Pizzerias represent 17% of all restaurants. (Source: Food Industry News)
· 93% of Americans eat AT LEAST one pizza per month. (Source: Bolla Wines)
· Each man, woman and child in America eats and average of 46 slices, (23 pounds), of pizza per year. (Source: Packaged Facts, New York)
· Saturday night is the biggest night of the week for eating pizza.
· Three of the top 10 weeks of pizza consumption occur in January. Another pizza fact: More pizza is consumed during Super Bowl week than any other week of the year. (Source: Kraft Foods, Northfield, Ill.)
· Everyone in the United States eats about 23 lbs., or 46 slices, every year.
· Each year in the United States, 3 billion pizzas are sold.
· In America, the most popular ethnic food is Italian.
· Children ages 3-11 prefer pizza over all other foods for lunch and dinner, according to a recent Gallup Poll.
· 36 percent of all pizza orders want their pizza topping pepperoni.

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